Investor Management and Crowdfunding Services at a Cap Table Management Provider in the Salt Lake, UT, Area

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2020

Professional cap table management services and software ensure that cap tables remain current, accurate and compliant. A professional provider in Salt Lake City, UT, will be able to offer full cap table management and online services to maintain compliance and high-fidelity investor records.

Services for Private Companies in Salt Lake, UT, and Nationally

A foremost priority in cap table tracking is shareholders and their account needs. Staying on top of things is expedited at a cap table management service by synchronized updates with transfer agents and maintaining real-time awareness of transactions and issuances of equity, derivatives, RSUs and more. Features may include:

  • Organization and editing of cap table elements
  • Downloadable Word, PDF or Excel investor reports
  • Advanced reporting, such as proxy voting, investor lists and dividends

Services for Public Companies

Cap table tracking can consist of a range of other services, which may include SEC-registered transfer-agent services, which initiate and complete IPOs, submit applications for DTC eligibility, trade on national OTC markets and stock exchanges and prep for annual meetings. These functions may consist of:

  • Employee plan management and organization
  • Regulation A+, D and CF crowdfunding offerings to help companies launch at a minimum cost
  • Escrow services
  • Efficient tools and cap table tracking in real-time

Employee Plans

Cap table management services can also optimize the administration of ESPPs, or employee stock purchase plans, stock option plans and others through an online platform accessible by both issuers and stockholders.

Efficient Cap Table Management Software and Services

In addition to acting as an offering consultant, assisting businesses in going public, a transfer agent and cap table management service in Salt Lake City, UT, will increase efficiency through the dedicated management of private and public businesses while offering specialized funding services, resulting in effective solutions to raising money and managing investors on one platform. Call EquityTrack at (801)-433-9925 or visit to find out more.

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