Install Parking Access Control Systems in Fort Bliss TX to Secure Your Business

Modern parking access control systems offer a level of reliability and control that is unprecedented. In the past, someone had to manually lift and lower a gate or businesses had to use unreliable automated systems that might or might not work as promised. All of that has changed. New systems are digital, web-based solutions that provide information to the proprietors in real time.

As these systems can sometimes be complicated to install and maintain, manufacturers offer training in the use of the systems, installation, and maintenance. Also, warranties are offered to ensure that in case anything goes wrong with the product, the defective gate is fixed or replaced.

The Types of Gates

Modern parking gates come in basically three different varieties: barrier arm gates, slide gates, and swing gates.

The barrier lift arm gate is the most common system in commercial and industrial settings. These gates are preferred for busier applications because they open and close more quickly than other systems. They are ideal wherever speed is a concern. Newer models are direct-drive controlled which eliminates the need for gears or chains and pulleys, creating a more reliable product.

A slide operator is another kind of gate. Though not as popular as barrier lift arm gates, they are still useful for certain applications. These gates are most useful for places that have limited space. To accommodate for the limited amount of space, these gates slide open parallel to the wall or fence to which they are attached.

Swing gate (or gates) that open inward or outward from the wall to which they are attached. These gates offer the increased security of a gate as opposed to a lift arm, but they are only applicable where space is not a concern.

The Types of Access

Current parking access control systems in Fort Bliss, TX tend to come in four varieties for allowing access. One common form of access system is the card operated entry. This system provides approved individuals with the proper card to allow entry. Another form is telephone entry, which allows approved phone numbers to call or text a number that activates the gate. This option is good for apartment complexes that allow visitors to access the buildings. An audio and video intercom system is perhaps the most secure system but requires a person such as a security guard to operate the gate. Lastly, a radio frequency identification (RFID) system is the most efficient as a radio frequency tag allows for hands free access.

As you can see, there are many options for parking access control systems to fit every need and price point. Also, the different options for gates can accommodate every size of parking lot or building that needs security.