Indications of the Need to Call for Plumbers in Marion, IA

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Plumbing

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A maze of piping runs behind walls throughout the home. While this system is barely seen, its function to a household is critical. This system ferries the water and carries away the waste. Once it is compromised, major problems can occur. These are the symptoms indicating a need to call in the plumber.

The nose is a very powerful force when detecting problems with the plumbing system. A foul smell, a musky smell or a detectable increase in moisture level can indicate a leakage somewhere in the piping. These smells should be investigated by the Plumbers Marion IA. In many cases, they are located in low lying areas such as the basement. But they may also come from drains or certain areas in the bathroom or kitchen.

A visual inspection can also indicate symptoms of a water leak. Discoloration is the most common sign of a problem. Paint and drywall can discolor when water is present. The staining is usually darker than the surrounding paint. For really dark colors, the damage may appear to be lighter in color. While the discoloration may happen in one area, the leak can be in an entirely different area of the wall. The leakage will have to be traced so the problem can be fixed before the water damage becomes worse.

Touching an area on the wall can also indicate the need to call in the Plumbers Marion IA. Soft spots and feeling an increase in the moisture content of the drywall are the indications. Normal drywall should not be soft to the touch. Drywall should also be dry on the surface. When it is wet, the surface weakens and is easily damaged. The leak will be near the location of the water damage. While the drywall will still need to be replaced, catching this leak early will prevent future damage.

The senses can be a powerful force in detecting potential water leaks. The noise can detect smells associated with water leaks. A visual inspection can be vital for finding prolonged leaks. Feeling wetness in the wall or a soft spot can indicate a problem. Contact Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning for more information about hiring a plumber to fix the water leaks.

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