Improve Your Marketing Performance by Eliminating Duplicate Mailings

Posted by Phineas Gray on June, 2014

In today’s economy many businesses need to find ways to cut costs. There are several ways this can be done. One particular way is to eliminate duplicate mailings. This may sound like it is an easy task, or a complete headache. It all depends on how big a business has grown. However, even small businesses will want to use duplicate elimination software to keep their mailing lists current with addresses that are valid. You can also use this type of software to eliminate errors with data entry, evaluate and analyze customer information within a unified view, and check and confirm the credibility of customer data.

The Perfect Software for Direct Marketing Professionals

Deadlines are increasingly becoming tighter, while postage and printing costs rise. A business needs to be able to reduce costs by printing mailings that are accurate and do not contain multiple duplicates. In fact, you need to be able to rid your database of duplicate addresses that tend to take a significant amount of money from your business. Now you can save time and money with software that has been specifically produced to merge and purge your system full of multiple records of different types, and find even the most difficult matches with a method that requires only one pass by default. You can also use multiple passes to better increase the reduction of duplicates. There is no better way to improve your marketing performance than to consolidate vital customer data, and reduce and eliminate duplicate mailings. Software this powerful can turn your marketing performance in the right direction so it works better for you.

User Friendly Software Meant to Organize Your Records

Whether you are an experienced user of duplicate elimination programs or not, the merge and purge system is fairly easy to manipulate. You can easily identify records that are duplicate on many different levels such as household, company, or individual levels. It is all based on the criteria in which you use to consolidate your records. They can even be consolidated into a single survivor record. Businesses need matching logic that is powerful, since most merge and purge software are all based on it. You need software that is able to identify duplicate records by using criteria for matching that allows you to choose options from a user-friendly menu. This takes matching records beyond the simple use of addresses and names by comparison and uses additional information that can aid you in finding matches across a multitude of different records.

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