Important Questions To Ask Your Moving Company In Nashville

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Moving

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If you are planning a move from Nashville as a first move or if you are a seasoned homeowner with lots of moves behind you, asking questions and getting answers before hiring a moving company is important.

A common mistake is for the customer to make assumptions about the move. By verifying information with the moving company, costly mistakes can be avoided, and consumers can make sure they are working with a professional, reliable moving service.

What Cannot Go On The Truck?

All moving companies in Nashville should provide customers with basic information on the move in a pre-moving package. Many companies also list resources on their website, and it is important for the customer to read through the information.

A very important document includes information on what cannot be packed on the truck. Adding items from the list into boxes can invalidate any insurance or valuation coverage on the load, and may even make you liable for damage to other items on the truck if there is any type of issue.

Do You Provide Packings Services?

A top moving company has professional crews to pack items and then another crew to unpack items at the destination. These services are charged over and above the quote for any moving, so be sure to talk to the company well in advance if you want to have packing and unpacking included.

What Coverage Do I Have In The Event of Damage?

There is basic valuation coverage offered by movers, which is sixty cents per pound for damaged items. In addition, long distance movers may also offer different types of coverage that allows the mover to repair or replace items that are lost or damaged.

In most cases, items have to be boxed by the movers to qualify for this type of protection, and items have to be individually listed on any shipping documents. Be sure to ask about the different coverage options and consider which is best for your moving needs.

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