Important Information for Consumers Concerning Water Heater Installers in Reno

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on October, 2015

Ask nearly any home-owner to identify the appliances in their home and few will identify their hot water heater among them. Yet every day, hot water heaters supply hot water for their showers, cleaning clothes in their washing machine, or washing those dirty dinner plates. It’s not until they are taking a bath in a tub of orange water, or their load of whites are ruined after washing them in orange-colored water, that they take notice of the hot water heater. It might be time to call for Water Heater Installers.

Without an annual maintenance and inspection program, the average hot water heater life-span is roughly 8 – 10 years. Factors that impact a water heater’s lifespan include extremes of temperature, especially when located in a garage, basement or outbuilding. The quality of installation and the maintenance program are significant factors as well. Indications that a homeowner may need Water Heater Installers in Reno include the following.

* No Hot Water – If the hot water doesn’t stay as hot as it usually does, it is a good indicator that the either the gas burner or electric elements have malfunctioned. If there is not any hot water, it is an indicator of a blown fuse, broken heating element, or a broken or damaged thermostat.

* Discolored Water – If the water that is coming out of the faucet is a reddish-orange color, it is typically a sign of sediment accumulating in the tank.

* Rust – Rust on the outside of the tank near the bottom, rust streaks on the sides of the tank, rusty tank legs, or pools of water under the tank are obvious signs the water heater is on it’s way out.

The lifespan of a hot water heater can be greatly increased with annual maintenance and inspections. What homeowner wouldn’t want to gain another 10 years of life for one of the hardest-working appliances in their home?

All plumbing contractors that provide Water Heater Installers in Reno are qualified to install all types of water heaters. A plumbing contractor will provide high-quality water heaters, along with a service warranty agreement, and help create a routine inspection and maintenance program for your hot water heater.

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