Important Information about Establishing Paternity

Posted by Phineas Gray on April, 2017

Paternity is determining if a man is a child’s legal father. A father has the legal and social duty to support and protect his child. Paternity issues don’t just apply to couples that are married and can occur in cases related to adoption, assisted reproduction and natural birth. If man finds they are unsure if they are the legal father of a child, they may need to hire a child custody attorney in Elgin for assistance.

Establishing Paternity

If paternity is in question, the child, mother, father or any other interested party can appeal to the court to prove the relationship. This process involves a lawsuit that is filed by a private party or the state. In the majority of situations, private action is taken by a child’s mother to get the support they need to raise the child without experiencing financial hardship. Both parties should hire a child custody attorney in Elgin to ensure their rights are protected.

Legal Ways to Establish Paternity

There are several legal methods used to establish the paternity of a child. DNA testing is considered the most accurate way to determine if a man is the father to the child in question. Another option is the voluntary paternity acknowledgment. If a father wants a legal parental relationship with a child, he must sign a paternity order. This is not something that can ever be reversed, even if it is later proven that the man is not the biological father.

If you are facing any type of paternity issue, regardless of if you are the mother, father or another person concerned for the child in question, hiring a child custody attorney in Elgin is the best course of action. They can help ensure your rights are protected and that the best interest of the child is maintained.

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