Important Facts About Adelaide Termite Treatment

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2021

Homeowners in and around the Adelaide area working with top pest control companies have an advantage in keeping out insects, rodents, and other types of pests. While any bugs and insects are problematic, few have the ability to cause the damage and depreciate the value of a home as much as the termite.

Understanding the facts about termite treatment can help homeowners in Adelaide to avoid common mistakes and misunderstandings about these pests.

Annual Inspections are Essential

Detecting a termite infestation as quickly as possible is a critical factor in reducing any possible damage to your home. These insects feed on cellulose, which means they will chew on wood, paper, furniture, or similar types of materials.

Annual inspections by experienced pest control experts allow for quick detection of any potential issues. It also allows the pest control service to create a custom termite treatment based on the type of termite and the specifics of the home.

Termites Move from House to House

Large termite colonies can impact several homes in a neighborhood. However, treating your home does not push the colony to a neighbor’s home. Professional termite treatment options eradicate the colony; they do not repel the termites and simply move the colony.

Houses May Need More Than One Termite Eradication Treatment

Treating a home once for termites does not prevent another colony from moving in. There are barriers and other preventative options that can be put in place to reduce future problems. This is another reason why the annual inspection is so important to both reducing the damage and eliminating the insects.

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