Important Details About Filing a Dog Attack Case in Lockport, IL

Dog attacks produce severe injuries and trauma for victims. For many claimants, the results of a dog attack cause a lifelong fear of dogs, and some injuries could lead to organ function loss or even the loss of a limb. Talking to an attorney about an animal attack in Lockport enables you to seek compensation for your losses from the pet owner.

Define Your Right to Be on the Property

As a defense for the pet owner, an attorney may shift the blame toward the victim. A dog attack victim must prove they had a right to be on the property when the attack happened. If they prove this right, the next step is to imply that the victim is guilty of animal cruelty or, in some way, provoked the dog. These attempts to deflect the blame are strategies to disprove the claimant’s case. After an animal attack in Lockport, you’ll need an attorney who can manage these tactics.

Record Your Injuries

No matter how severe or mild your injuries are, a visit to a doctor gives you a trackable record of these injuries. The doctor’s findings substantiate your claim that the injuries came from a dog attack. Your medical records prove how the dog attack affected your life. These records paint a picture for the judge or a jury of why you deserve compensation.

Gather Witness Testimony

Attorneys depose witnesses that saw the dog attack and assess their testimony. Witnesses that substantiate what happened could improve your case. The attorney can also depose witnesses for the defense, and they can evaluate the effectiveness of your case.

Dog attacks can happen without notice, and for some victims, the results are life-threatening. When building a case against a pet owner, your attorney must prepare you for all potential curveballs a defense attorney throws your way. Contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. today.