Importance of Using a Termite Inspection Company Wellington Florida

by | May 18, 2017 | Pest Control

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Termites, as well as other wood-boring insects such as beetles, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants, are wily and elusive opportunists who want to gain access into unprotected sections of a structure in order to give free rein to their destructive behaviors. In most cases, there is no visible clue that a structure has been infested with termites. These infestations could remain unnoticed for years progressing even inside of wooden structures whose outer surfaces may look intact. It takes a specialist from a Termite Inspection Company Wellington Florida to identify and rid termite-infested buildings of these pests. These skills entail a comprehensive understanding of building construction which is valuable in detecting these termites especially in difficult-to-access areas in which they prefer to make their stand.

Contacting a Termite Inspection Company Wellington Florida at least once annually to inspect one’s home is an absolute must. It ensures that these pests don’t cause damages which may be costly to repair.

Over 40 percent of underground termite infestations are usually initiated at utility entrances as well as expansion and settlement cracks in the slab. A good Termite Inspection Company Wellington Florida will commence inspection right from the foundation and then work their way up, thoroughly scrutinizing every crevice, crack and likely termite entry point. They should also check for and advise against environments which are conducive to a termite infestation.

The following tips are important for preventing termite infestation.

• Fill up any cracks found in the masonry and routinely check for termite foundation in the foundation.

• Properly install gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks in order to divert all moisture away from the foundation.

• Don’t sprinkle water on wood siding or stucco when watering the lawn.

• Use proper ventilation to reduce humidity.

• Trim vegetation such as hedges and vines in order to prevent the blockage of vents.

• Remove grade stakes, old form boards, tree roots and trunks, from around the home since they usually attract termites.

• Any firewood should be stored at least twenty feet from the house, and should be inspected for termites before taking it indoors.

Once there is any visible sign of a termite infestation, promptly contact Above & Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida. And in the event that there is no such visible signs, it’s best to still contact them to schedule a thorough termite inspection.

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