Importance of having utility locating service

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2017

Public works and utilities in New Jersey are designed best when they are invisible: with underground pipes and cables that do not interfere with our daily lives. A tremendous amount of care, money, and energy goes into planning public and private utilities so that you enjoy running water, electricity, and telecommunications. It is easy to take for granted that utilities just exist at our fingertips. Therefore, you need utility locating services the most when you embark on any home renovation or construction project.

Without utility locating services, you can run into serious trouble such as breaking a water main. Countless New Jersey residents have been fined and then face thousands of dollars of repair work when they forget that there are utility cables and pipes under the ground or within the walls. If you are trying to do everything yourself with a home renovation project, you are more prone to making these kinds of mistakes. More experienced DIYers and contractors know that utility locating services are essential for doing a renovation or construction project right.

You could have public and private utilities beneath your home you did not even know about. For example, some houses could connect to natural gas but the previous owner preferred to cook with an electric range. In these cases, the new owner had no idea there were gas lines running beneath the house. If you do not know utilities are there, you would never have thought that you would run into and break a gas line when digging on the property.
Common renovation projects, such as installing a swimming pool, building an addition to your home, or reconstructing your landscape design require utility locating services to prevent any problems from occurring. The importance of having utility locating services in New Jersey cannot be underestimated. Companies in New Jersey that specialize in utility location like Atlantic can help you save a lot of money, hassle, and stress during your renovation and construction projects.

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