How to Take Care of Cracked Terrazzo Flooring

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2016

No matter how much you take care of your terrazzo floors, chips and cracks can happen despite your best intentions. No worries, though. You won’t have to live with those marks forever. Here are some of the ways you could repair your floors:

Epoxy patch

You can use this to fill cracks, especially those similar to fine lines. This can also keep bigger ones from getting worse so you won’t have to worry about those cracks getting more noticeable every day. Don’t apply the epoxy primer directly onto the surface. You’ll need to mix the two parts of the epoxy onto a cardboard and mix. Then use a toothpick to seal the crack. Be careful not to put any on the surrounding tiles. You’ll need to wait for an hour until it sets in before you walk over that tile or put your furniture back in the room.

Oil based primer

SFGate says you can also use oil-based primer sealers to fill in those cracks. You just have to make sure you empty those cracks of any dust and debris before you stat. Otherwise, they could compromise the seal and all the hard work you’ve done. If all goes well, though, then follow that up with an application of high gloss oil-based paint, one to help you match the color to your tiles.


If you don’t have the time or inclination to deal with those cracks on your own, no worries. Just hire professional terrazzo flooring experts to help you repair your cracked floors or tiles. With the help of a professional, getting your floors to look shiny and new should be easy. There’s also the fact that results will definitely be far better than what you’ll end up with if you did it on your own, especially if you haven’t got the necessary experience or skill for it.

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