How to Stay Cool this Summer without a High-Energy Bill

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2017

Summer months bring along a lot of fun activities for people to enjoy. From enjoying a day in the pool to family trips, there are numerous reasons to get excited when summer arrives. Unfortunately, the change in the seasons also can bring excessive heat that makes it intolerable to be outdoors in. That is why homeowners enjoy being able to return to a comfortable home to escape the heat. Yet, an AC unit that is not functioning properly can mean an increase in their energy bill that can cut into their budget set aside for summer fun. A company that works on air conditioning in Ennis, TX can provide the services required to help keep your energy bill low this summer.

Ways to Conserve Energy During Summer

  • One of the key ways to help save money on your energy bill is by hiring a contractor that offers services on air conditioning in Ennis, TX to install an energy-efficient unit.
  • During the day close the curtains or blinds to your home to prevent the heat from the sun entering the dwelling that can increase indoor temperatures.
  • You should set the thermostat around 76 degrees to help reduce how hard your unit is working to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home
  • Be sure to clean plants and weeds from around your AC unit that can affect the airflow into the machine.
  • Routinely clean or change the filter in the unit to prevent residue from building up that can block airflow.
  • When no one is at home turn the thermostat higher to prevent your unit kicking on to cool an unoccupied dwelling.

Save Money and Stay Cool

The experts at Direct Service Company can help you remain comfortable this summer by providing the services you require to keep your unit operating. A properly maintained energy-efficient AC unit can help lower the cost of your bill and provide extra money in your pocket for fun summer activities!