How to Select the Right Animal Hospital

by | May 11, 2018 | Pets

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Choosing the ideal animal hospital for your pets is one of the most significant choices you will make. After all, it is as important as selecting healthcare providers for the humans in the family. You want to know that your physicians will be there for you when needed, will have advanced training and the kind of specialized knowledge you desire, and will offer the treatments you know you need and prefer. It is why you may want to consider a holistic animal hospital rather than a conventional one.

After all, a holistic animal hospital is one place you can count on to give you the kind of attention most modern medical patients do not expect at all. Why does this happen? A holistic veterinarian is going to need to take a lot of time to find out as much as possible about a pet. Holistic care (whether for animals or people) looks at the body as a whole entity and not various organs or systems; when something is wrong in one area, it is seen as being wrong throughout. The goal is to restore the whole body to proper balance, and this means addressing emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues that may be causing the imbalance.

Because your pet cannot speak, a holistic vet is going to count on you to give them the details they need. They’ll ask about diet, exercise, behaviors, health issues, the animal’s history and more. You may find that most conventional vets don’t do this and instead ask you “what’s wrong with the animal” to begin the diagnosis. As you might see, this is why so many animals are on a lifetime of medications or other treatments – their symptoms are addressed, but the underlying imbalance that led to the condition is not even diagnosed. Holistic medicine will never skip this key step, and will always find out where that imbalance might come from; treat it, and you’ve eliminated the symptoms!

As is the case with so many things in life, though, not all holistic animal hospital options are the same. You want to work with a team of dedicated healers who use holistic approaches first, but who are not afraid to also offer or use some conventional methods to address emergency issues, injuries, and more difficult diagnoses. At Holistic Veterinary Healing in Germantown, you can find that nice balance of holistic and conventional knowledge and get the gentle, complete care your pets deserve. You can pay a visit to Facebook for latest news and updates!

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