How to Secure Father’s Rights

Posted by Phineas Gray on August, 2017

There is already far too much to be uncertain about in this world. The paternity of your child shouldn’t be one of them. However, hundreds of men across the state find themselves in this very predicament of having to prove they are the father of a child conceived by their romantic partner. If you are in this painful situation, you need the help of a Kane County father’s rights lawyer so you can establish paternity properly and ensure you’re able to raise your child. Here is the why and how.

Proving Your Paternity

You have two specific options for proving your paternity: adjudication and Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity. The latter option, also known as VAP, tends to be the best option, as it is flexible and requires less procedure. All it involves is you and your partner confirming legally that your child is yours via written signature. This can be done at any point of the child’s life, starting from the day of birth. It is also especially useful for fathers who are not listed on the child’s birth certificate for whatever reason.

What a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity Allows

By completing a VAP with the help of a Kane County father’s rights lawyer, you gain proper legal security and all of the rights every custodial father is granted with respect to their children.

Should you and your partner no longer be together, the VAP will forbid her from cutting off contact between you and your child, whether from physical withholding or relocation to a new area far from you. The VAP will officially allow you to seek a custody agreement that allows you to parent your child on an equal basis. Should your child’s other parent want to alter the custody arrangement in a way that harms you, you can step in. These privileges are just the tip of the iceberg.

Barring unusual circumstances, every father has the right to bond with and parent their child. You can depend on Keller Legal Services to provide you with an excellent Kane County father’s rights lawyer so you can be the parent you want to be. Get in touch by calling 630-868-3093 or visiting their website.