How to Prepare for Income Tax Preparation in Auburn

Preparing income taxes isn’t the top of your list of favorite things to do. The process can be tedious and prone to errors, leaving people uncertain about handling it themselves. Hiring a professional for income tax preparation in Auburn is a better choice. The following will help you prepare for your appointment.

Gather Your Documents

Your financial documents are an essential aspect of filing your taxes. When seeing an accountant for income tax preparation in Auburn, you will need your work financial statements, bank statements, investment statements, and more. You should also compile relevant receipts to get tax deductions wherever possible. It’s always best to be overprepared. If your accountant doesn’t need it, they won’t use it.

Bring Last Year’s Return

If using a new tax preparer, you must bring last year’s return to your appointment for income tax preparation in Auburn. They will review the details of your previous return and ensure you’re ready to file your new one.

Provide Personal Information

Your tax preparer will need your personal information for income tax preparation in Auburn. This information includes social security numbers and birth dates for all family members, along with your current address and bank account information for tax payments or refunds.

If you need help with income tax preparation in Auburn, contact Capital Tax Service to schedule an appointment.