How to Know When to Schedule a Dental Appointment Outside Routine Exams

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Dentist

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Routine dental exams every six months are important to maintaining a healthy mouth. In addition to proper brushing and flossing techniques used at home, people can avoid many dental problems. During a dental exam, a Chicago dentist provides an in-depth examination of a patient’s teeth and mouth to check for any signs of a potential dental issue. They take X-rays of a patient’s mouth to check for problems underneath the gum line, cavities that are forming, or other problems that cannot be seen by the naked-eye. Also, during the appointment, the dental team will thoroughly clean the individual’s teeth to remove plaque buildup or food lodged between their teeth. However, it is important to know the signs of a dental problem that should be immediately addressed by a professional in between the routine visits.

Signs You May Be Suffering from a Dental Issue

  • Teeth are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures when a person is drinking or eating. This can be a sign of a tooth decaying or another underlying problem.
  • A Chicago dentist should be consulted if you are experiencing a toothache as this can be a sign of a severe dental problem that can worsen if left unattended.
  • Gums that are inflamed should be examined by a dentist immediately to help prevent an infection from forming, or plaque hardening that can alter the teeth’s’ structure.
  • Experiencing frequent headaches accompanied by sore jaw muscles should be addressed by a dentist as this can be a sign of the individual grinding their teeth.
  • You notice that your mouth is dry frequently as this can lead to teeth decaying and other oral disorders if left unaddressed.

Contact a Trusted Dentist when Experiencing an Oral Problem

Art of Modern Dentistry understands that not all dental issues can be caught during an examination. Their skilled staff is there to answer any questions you may have if you suspect a dental problem and will quickly schedule an appointment to have you examined by a professional dentist.

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