How to Help Your Veterinarian Provide the Best Care for Your Pet

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2017

It is crucial that your pet is getting the best care and service possible. When you are searching for the best Logan Square veterinarian, look around and speak to other pet owners. Completing a thorough search should ensure that you’re happy and comfortable with your veterinarian. As with any profession, a veterinarian’s level of skills and years of experience varies, so never assume that all vets give the same level of care and service.

Schedule Appointments When Recommended

Your vet can best help prevent or detect harmful diseases in your pet when you schedule appointments within the recommended amount of time. Taking the time out of your schedule to bring your pet to the vet at least twice a year. Between these appointments, make sure that you feed your pet a healthy diet, give your pet plenty of exercise, and notice if there is something out of sorts with your pet.

Honesty is Always Best

A big mistake that some pet owners make is omitting critical information at their pet’s vet visits. If your vet tells you that your pet seems to have put on excess weight, you must inform your vet if you have contributed to that, such as over-feeding, or recently changed its food. If you keep this vital information from your vet, then your vet could wrongly diagnose your pet, and even order unnecessary tests and treatments. Remember that your vet knows that accidents happen. If you, by accident, dropped a box and it landed on your pet, or you accidentally stepped on its paw, you must tell your vet. Never bring your pet to the vet under false pretenses. Your pet is unable to speak, so it depends on you to provide its vet with the best and most truthful information.

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