How to Find the Perfect Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Griffin, GA

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Attorney

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If your life has been altered by a work injury, you’re owed some money and a workers’ compensation attorney will help you investigate your case thoroughly. However, you will need an expert attorney by your side who is able to help advise you, defend your case, and offer the best possible outcome. Because this area of law is incredibly complex and highly specialized, make sure that your lawyer is a highly experience expert and does not simply dabble in the field of workers’ compensation.

What Are the Qualities of an Expert Attorney?

However, in a world of television ads, internet pop-ups, distracting billboards and more, it is difficult to know which attorneys are best. As a general rule of thumb, an excellent workers’ compensation attorney will have many years of experience, positive client reviews, successful outcomes for recent cases, and attention to detail. These qualities are never apparent or easy to deduct from the flashy style ads and require more effort to find the best workers’ compensation attorney in Griffin, GA.

The Five Most Important Steps

Opinions vary on what the most important aspect of an expert attorney is, but most people agree on these few key steps that can help you find the right attorney.

1. Check the attorney’s credentials thoroughly. Make sure he or she is an active member of the Georgia state bar, with no record of bar probation or discipline.

2. Inquire about the number of years the attorney has been practicing law in the field of workers’ compensation or check on the firm’s website for information. Usually, a firm that has 30 or more years experience, such as Evans & Evans Attorneys at Law, is an excellent choice.

3. Set up a free consultation to discuss your situation. Write down all of the attorney’s fees, as well as his opinion on if your case is strong and what kind of settlement you will receive for your claim.

As you look for the right attorney for your case, keep in mind that he or she will be able to help build a stronger case using the most effective information from both your medical record and vocational field and ultimately provide a higher success rate for your settlement. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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