How To Find The Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic In Houston

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Health and Medical

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Many people, both men and women, dislike all the hairs that grow on their body, especially the arms, legs and back areas. In the past, treatments for this problem included waxing or shaving, both of which can be painful and time-consuming. Therefore, you may want to consider the best laser hair removal clinic in Houston to permanently reduce the number of hairs in those areas. However, to do so, you’ll need a few tips.


Every state regulates cosmetic treatments, and some states are stricter than others. Some states don’t require that a licensed doctor perform the procedure or even be in the treatment room. Therefore, you’ll want to ask potential clinics who will be doing the treatment and who will supervise. If a doctor isn’t responsible for the procedures, you may wish to seek a different clinic.


Various lasers can be used for cosmetic procedures, so it’s best to find out which one your clinic will use and whether or not it is FDA-approved. If they don’t know or won’t provide the information, go somewhere else.


Providers of this cosmetic treatment should be able and willing to show patients their licensing documentation. Ask to see this when you go in for an initial consultation or interview. You should also ask them how long they’ve been doing these procedures and how many procedures they’ve done in the past. You can also ask about ongoing training or continuing education they participate in to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest technologies.

While being a member of a professional organization isn’t required, you may feel more comfortable with a doctor who is a member of an organization, such as ASLMS, IALA or NCLE.

Before/After Photos

The best laser hair removal clinic in Houston will be able to show you pictures of previous clients before and after the procedure. This can give you a better idea of what your results will be like, but can also show you the technician’s expertise and ability.


Many clinics are promising permanent results, but that is untrue. While some patients do see completely removed hairs from the body that do not come back, the FDA has proven that a permanent reduction of hairs is possible, but not a permanent elimination. This just means that you may require future sessions to maintain your results.

The best laser hair removal in Houston means that the clinic is honest with you, uses the more technologically advanced lasers and has the experience to do the job. Visit Bella Rosa Clinic now to learn more.

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