How to Calm Your Child Before Their Dentist Appointment in Orland Park

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2023

Once you schedule an appointment at a dentist for kids in Orland Park, it is important to ensure your little one is comfortable with the idea. It is normal for your child to be nervous about their appointment, but you still want to find ways to ease their fears.

Discuss The Appointment Beforehand

While it may be tempting to avoid mentioning the appointment until the last minute, this could lead to anxiety and even mistrust. Discussing the appointment in advance gives your kid time to process and get used to the idea of visiting the dentist.

Listen And Offer Reassurance

As you discuss the appointment with your child, listen and offer reassurance rather than dismiss their feelings. Use positive but truthful language, but never mention anything associated with discomfort, pain, or tools. Instead, let them know their dentist wants to look at their teeth.

Bring a Comfort Item

If your child is still nervous, allow them to bring a source of comfort to the appointment. This could be their favorite stuffed animal, action figure, or book, or it could be a small blanket or favorite sweatshirt.

Keep Them Distracted

Once you arrive at the appointment, keep your little one distracted with games, books, or even a tablet. You can also keep them occupied with a coloring book or by discussing fun memories such as holidays and vacations.

Plan a Fun Activity

It never hurts to give your child something to look forward to after their dentist appointment. Consider planning a fun activity such as a nature walk or a visit to the playground.

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