How To Avoid an Unnecessary Garage Door Repair in Beckley, WV

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

For a garage door to function optimally, a few minutes must be set aside to test and inspect the entire garage door system. An effort must be made to make testing and inspection part and parcel of the monthly routine checks. This is necessary because everyone should be concerned with safety, especially where it concerns the use of garage doors. The safety of the garage door and garage door openers should be a concern in all homes. Failure to take precautions may result in improper functioning of the garage door and, in some cases, damage to property. To get insights into useful inspection tips for a particular garage door and opener model, it is best to consult the owner’s manual.

One of the key things that must be carried out during the maintenance of a garage door is the garage door opener reversal test. To carry out this test, ensure the garage door opener possesses a reversing feature. If this reversing feature isn’t present, then it must be replaced. Federal law stipulates that all garage door openers manufactured after the first of January 1993 incorporate innovative safety features that must comply with the most recent U.L. 325 standards. Contact Garage Door Operators Inc., specialists in Garage Door Repair in Beckley WV, to ask for additional information. It’s also a wonderful idea to test the garage door’s reversing feature occasionally to make sure that it still functions properly.

How to Test the Reversing Feature

First, test the balance of the garage door. If it is not balanced properly, discontinue the test, but if the door is balanced properly, then proceed. When the door is fully opened, place a thick piece of material like a wood block on the floor precisely at the door’s center. Now, push the wall button, or the transmitter, to close the garage door. When the door strikes the material, it should reverse immediately. (Note that for “one piece doors,” the bottom part of such doors must stay rigid for the door not to shut without reversing). If the garage door doesn’t reverse, it’s best to contact the best Garage Door Repair in Beckley WV provider to replace or repair the door or opener.

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