How the Volvo Xc60 Can Help You Steer Clear of Trouble

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2017

The Volvo car company has a long and storied history of innovation and industry leadership in the field of automotive safety. Modern Volvo owners love the many features boasted by their cars, such as automatic breaking in the event of a potential collision ahead. However, the company’s newest luxury model – the Volvo Xc60 – is making even greater strides to keep you and your family safe.

City Safety – Now with Steering Support

The Volvo Xc60 received an update to its City Safety feature in its newest iteration, offering the advantage of steering support to help avoid collisions more effectively. This feature becomes active whenever automatic braking alone would not be sufficient to avoid a collision. By offering steering assistance to the driver, the vehicle can turn itself in such a way that the collision can be lessened or avoided, altogether. This can help avoid impact with:

  • Other vehicles
  • Buildings and other stationary surfaces
  • Animals, such as deer, livestock and pets
  • Pedestrians and much more

Sure, Volvo has excellent crash safety ratings, but isn’t it better to avoid the collision altogether? New Volvo vehicles go a step further, too, keeping you from hitting something that you may never even see coming.

Oncoming Lane Mitigation

Even the safest driver struggles at times, and the addition of Volvo’s new Oncoming Lane Mitigation feature will help to prevent collisions that might result from unwittingly veering into the wrong lane. By alerting the driver of this error, it can be amended quickly and accidents avoided. What’s more, this feature also uses steering support to guide the vehicle back into its own lane and out of the way of an oncoming vehicle or other impending danger.

These innovations are just part of the way Volvo is using its latest models to continue its legacy of stylish safety. Those in the Rockford area looking for a new or used Volvo Xc60 can turn to local dealer McGrath Volvo Cars for the area’s best service, selection and industry knowledge.

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