How Successful Is Ibogaine Treatment?

by | May 15, 2018 | Health and Medical

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It’s no secret that Ibogaine as a drug addiction treatment can be confusing, a fact that is truly unfortunate. Ibogaine is actually one of the most useful substances available for treating drug addiction, but the amount of skepticism out there keeps people suffering from the disease from taking advantage of its positive effects.

The purpose of this article is to set the record straight. Whether you’re hesitant to seek out Ibogaine drug addiction treatment or are simply curious about its effects, this article will give you all the important facts regarding its effectiveness with drug addiction.

Going By the Numbers

Scientists all across the globe have conducted a vast array of studies involving Ibogaine and its effectiveness with a variety of addictive substances. In general, the number of successful patients who have used Ibogaine drug addiction treatment tends to fall between 50 and 80 percent. A person’s chances of success will be much higher, however, provided they seek additional treatment after finishing their Ibogaine therapy so they can gain the proper tools to manage their sobriety. With some substances, patients who used Ibogaine but did not seek any form of aftercare saw a 90 percent probability of suffering a relapse.

The Verdict

Studies definitely show Ibogaine drug addiction treatment is a worthy option for those seeking help with addiction. However, it’s worth noting Ibogaine treatment, as well as any other form of treatment, will not be nearly as successful for someone struggling with addiction unless they are willing to commit to getting better. The purpose of Ibogaine drug addiction treatment and any aftercare you seek is to put you on the road to recovery, give you the proper tools to manage living a sober life and help you restore your health. However, maintaining your recovery journey also depends on you.

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