How Often Do You Need a Fire Inspection Service?

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Fire Protection

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There are legal reasons why you might need a fire inspection service; there are also safety reasons. Depending on whether you have a home or a business inspected, there are different regulations. For a private home, you are probably only legally required to have it inspected before you buy or sell the home. For a business, there are different regulations as well as different safety standards. A restaurant is obviously going to be more of a fire hazard than some other kinds of businesses.

Semi-Annual Inspections

Some of the more pressing matters require a semi-annual fire inspection service. These are the types of systems designed to protect customers and clients in business from the most likely fires. A restaurant fire suppression system is one example of a system that requires a semi-annual inspection. Fires are not common in the dining areas of most restaurants, but they are more common in the restaurant kitchen. Also, since restaurants tend to be fairly crowded, it is of the utmost importance that their systems are inspected more than once a year. Clean agent system such as halon needs to be inspected more than once a year as well.

Annual Inspections

Some system is not quite as delicate and do not need to be inspected more than once a year. A fire extinguisher and a sprinkler system are two examples of devices that only need annual inspections. A sprinkler on the municipal water line is pretty simple; once a year should suffice. If there is a fire hydrant on the property, it needs to be inspected once a year as well.

Elite Fire Services Inc. is an example of a firm that can inspect your fire system once a year or more. Inspecting your fire safety systems is incredibly important. You need to make sure they are operating as designed so that you can stay safe from fire hazards.

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