How is the presence of mold found?

Posted by Phineas Gray on August, 2019

If mold is growing on a visible surface then it is obvious when there is a problem, but what happens if the mold is growing somewhere which is not visible? Even if you can see evidence of mold, without air testing for mold in Oklahoma City OK there is no accurate way of determining the population. While mold testing may not be able to identify which species of mold you have in your home it can certainly help those who remove mold develop their battle plan. Air testing for mold can be arranged through private labs which can either visit your home to do the tests or they will provide you with a test kit which you can use to gather samples for lab evaluation.

It is important to understand that mold is everywhere and getting a reading when testing for the presence of mold is not necessarily reason for concern, mold is quite diverse and not all of them are harmful. It would be rare to actually conduct air testing for mold in Oklahoma City OK area and not get a reading of some sort. Like any test, the results are only indicative of the condition at that very moment in time, this can mean that all the mold that is actually present may not be identifiable and that if toxic mold is present, it may not determine if the mold is emitting toxins or not.

There are a few methods employed to teat for the presence of mold, one of which is a little handheld sniffer which is used to check for specific mold spores that are in the air. These devices can be sensitized to detect a specific mold species; this allows the operator to get a rapid assessment of the types of molds that are present. Other testing method involves the collection of samples directly from mold colonies or from areas which are prone to mold growth, the samples are then analyzed in a lab to determine what mold species it is.

Many people will request air testing for mold in Oklahoma City OK if they sense that it is mold that is causing a health problem in the home. If homeowners do detect either the odor or sight of mold it is wise to track down the source and eliminate it. Once the colony has been eliminated it becomes necessary to find the source of moisture and eliminate that as well or the mold problem will simply return. Browse the site for more details.