How Does A Moving Company In St. Paul Help Consumers?

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Moving

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In Minnesota, the cost of relocating on your own includes gas price fluctuations, renting a transport vehicle, and your invaluable time. The task also introduces the potential for lower back injuries and property damage. A local Moving Company in St. Paul helps consumers avoid the high cost of relocating on their own.

Avoid Wear and Tear on Your Own Vehicle

During a move, the consumer faces the possibility of wear and tear on their vehicle. The weight of all items transported presents issues if the vehicle wasn’t designed for it. The results equate to too much strain on the engine and/or the transmission and excessive pressure on the tires. For older vehicles, the potential damage leads to repairs in the immediate future. By using a mover, the consumer doesn’t have to drive their vehicle. The movers connect trucks, cars, and vans to a towing dolly on the back of the transport vehicle.

Eliminate High Gas Costs

The greatest advantage of hiring a moving company is the gas savings. The movers give the consumer an estimate for the moving costs based on the average price of gas and the mileage. The consumer won’t incur additional costs due to increased gas prices throughout the transport route.

The Moving Services are Tax Deductible

Consumers have the right to deduct moving expenses if they relocated for a new job. To qualify for a tax deduction, the consumer’s previous home must be at least fifty miles from their new employer. The taxpayers must work for the new employer for at least thirty-nine weeks out of a calendar year on a full-time basis.

The taxpayers claim the full cost of their moving expenses on IRS Form 3903. The IRS provides up to one year after the relocation to claim the deductions. The moving costs are based on the total mileage.

In Minnesota, movers help consumers save time and money by providing extraordinary benefits. Consumers who hire a professional service deduct their expenses under certain conditions. The movers also help consumers avoid vehicle damage and personal injuries. Consumers who need to hire a Moving Company in St. Paul contact Action Moving Services Inc. right now. Visit our Google+ page for more details.

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