How Cultural Differences Become a Relationship Conflict

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Health and Medical

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As a relationship begins, partners are prepared to allow cultural differences to exist, perhaps because they do not know where the relationship is going. At a stage where the relationship becomes deeper, those cultural differences may become forms of conflict if they are not dealt with and talked about. Where the conflict becomes a problem, sessions with a psychotherapist will help for a better understanding.

Is Culture Also Religion?

Culture and religion are separate areas of conflict, but you might find several areas that cross both borders during conversations. Some aspects of culture will be known, if not understood by your partner. Where both partners meet from vastly different cultures, perhaps from different parts of the world, understanding the other partner’s lifestyle and beliefs is important for the relationship to be able to continue successfully. Your psychotherapist will be able to help you explain the differences between your cultures and religion.

Where culture and religion mix, it may be that the religious beliefs are the chief reason why the individual thinks and acts the way that they do in public and in private.

What Differences May Arise?

There are some cultural differences you may never have even been considered before you met your current partner. Conflicts may arise because of the standards and morals you have been led to believe are right for your lifestyle.

You may argue about how you are going to raise your children and discipline them. Children will require a consistent approach and not a confusing message from their parents or guardians.

The gender roles in dissimilar societies can differ considerably. This may lead to a conflict because the differences in responsibilities expected may be very far apart. How you intend to spend your holidays and attend cultural and religious events should be understood in advance to avoid a clash of thoughts and actions.

By meeting with your psychotherapist, both parties will learn how to listen convincingly and to find new ways to be able to communicate important feelings and requirements, related to their cultural and religious beliefs.

The couple must find ways to be able to find a resolution to any potential disagreements, although in many circumstances it may be the very same cultural differences that have caused a lack of communication.

Your psychotherapist will help you explore the answers to all your questions and remind the couple of the reasons why they became a couple originally.

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