How cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile

Posted by Phineas Gray on April, 2017

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of teeth and the improvement of a patients smile and self confidence. New York cosmetic dentistry is more concerned with the “art” of dentistry while restorative dentistry is more concerned with the science. A good cosmetic dentist must have an in-depth understanding of materials and techniques but he or she must also be able to communicate effectively with the patient as well as lab technicians that are often called upon to produce dental appliances.

The difference between cosmetic and restorative dentistry:

These two fields will never be completely separated, there is bound to be an overlap between the two, however; the focus is certainly different. The objective of dental restoration is to return teeth to their proper function while in New York cosmetic dentistry there is a further stage, the dentist works toward attaining a result that is not only functional, but beautiful. It takes a considerable amount of expertise to attain this result.

What to expect during the initial consultation:

Your cosmetic dentist will want to involve you right from the beginning, you can expect the dentist to ask you to describe, as best you can, what it is you like and dislike about your smile. There are certain issues that may point to other problems, your dentist will want to make a complete oral exam and perhaps X-Rays will be taken. Once the cosmetic dentist has an understanding of what you have in mind as well as the results of the oral exam, he or she can explain the options that are available.

Choosing a great cosmetic dentist:

The best cosmetic dentist in New York will be in a position to show you a number of photographs taken of patients both before and after treatment. In this way you will be in a good position to ascertain the skill level that the dentist has and how he or she applies these skills to the desired results.

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