How Card Access in Bowling Green, KY, Can Benefit Your Business

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Security Systems and Services

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You have likely seen card access control in action at a hotel in Bowling Green, KY. They give you a card, you use it to get into your room, and then they delete the card from that door when you leave or checkout.

Compared to the old system of locks and keys, this is a huge benefit to the hotel for the following reasons:

  1. They don’t have to make a new key for each new guest.
  2. They don’t have to get each key back from each guest to keep the rooms secure. It’s deleted as soon as the guest’s stay is over.
  3. If they do get the key (card) back, they can reprogram it for another guest in the future.

It also means the hotel owner can reuse that same card for the next guest.

The same is true for card access for your business. Even though you might not have as many people coming and going as a hotel, you can still find the same benefits with card access control.

Bye Bye Keys

Keys are slowly becoming antiques, but they’re still widely used. One big problem with them is they are quite easy to lose. For a business owner, a lost key means some unauthorized person could potentially gain access to your building. So, you’re forced to change the locks, which can be expensive. With card entry, a lost card can easily be deactivated and rendered useless.

More Secure

People who pick locks are handy and clever criminals. However, with card access in Bowling Green, KY, picking locks becomes an impossibility. Additionally, with card access, you can control who comes in and out of the building from your desk, meaning no one gets in unless you want them to.

Record of Entries and Exits

Card access provides more than just a secure entryway; it also provides a log of who swiped in and out and when. For a business owner or manager, this information is great for keeping track of employees and their daily movements while at work.

For comprehensive card access services for your business, contact Sonitrol today at We can answer any of your questions if you’re looking to switch to using a card access system.

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