How A Lawyer Can Help You Get Social Security Disability Benefits

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2016

Completing an application for Social Security disability benefits can be quite confusing at the best of times, it can even be more so when the individual is disabled. The Social Security Administration demands a tremendous amount of substantiating detail that will prove beyond doubt that the applicant truly is disabled and deserves to be awarded benefits. Even when an application appears to be complete it is unlikely that it will be approved; about three quarters of all applications are denied. If you applied independently and you are one of the majority that was not approved you should seek the assistance of a Social Security lawyer in Oak Ridge.

The benefits of having a Social Security lawyer:

A knowledgeable Social Security lawyer knows what the Administration expects and how they want it presented. As a typical federal government agency, the inspectors expect every “I” to be dotted and every “T” to be crossed. One very common reason for denying benefits is a simple omission of a listing of all the medications that have been prescribed and are being used. If you engage a Social Security lawyer in Oak Ridge from the outset you don’t have to be concerned about what might seem to you as inconsequential omissions. Your lawyer will walk you through the application, explaining in finite detail what is required and how it can have a significant effect on the outcome.

Even with the best of lawyers there is no guarantee that the application will be approved. If the application is denied, your lawyer will immediately prepare an appeal. As your lawyer is intimate with the details of your claim, he or she will lose no time requesting a hearing in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge where your case can be effectively argued and supported.

There is no good reason not to hire a Social Security lawyer in Oak Ridge; you will not be required to pay a legal fee until you have been awarded benefits. To discuss your situation in detail you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. Follow us on our google+ page.