House Leveling Services in Little Rock, AR

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

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In order to ensure a house remains in its best condition possible, it must remain in a level condition with respect to its foundation. Settling of foundation can occur, and along with that issue various problems can arise that require repair. For instance, cracking walls and ceilings, and sagging floors, may all be signs that your home needs a service referred to as house leveling. Little Rock, AR homeowners who notice various signs such as Windows and doors not closing properly and other indications involving cracking as mentioned above may benefit from the services of a home leveling professional.

If you see evidence of these are other issues, you may want to have your home inspected as soon as possible by a foundation company that understands the issues and solutions involved with the symptoms.

Pier and Beam Construction

Many homes are constructed with a beam and he or system. This is been a popular system for builders for many years. This form of construction provides ease of access to the homes plumbing system in produces excellent curb appeal. One disadvantage is that the foundation can be affected when water gets under the home, creating damage to the beams and peers. These problems can be diagnosed by qualified technicians in the area of structural foundation repair and house leveling.

If not properly maintain, support beams and peers can deteriorate over a period of time. Peers typically may need to be replaced during however, if the peers replaced, you may also need to replace a support beam. Call five foundation specials can install new concrete piers and repair or replace rotted wood joists and beams. In some cases, a simple shimming between the peers in beams may be the solution. The installation of stucco skirting can help prevent moisture from entering after an inspection for proper drainage has been performed.

Solving the Problem and Preventing Further Foundation Damage

Even with the standard concrete foundation, the possibility of a sagging foundation exists. A reliable and experienced foundation repair company can help you solve the problems you are facing with your specific type foundation. The right provider will ensure that any house leveling services performed do not create further damage to your foundation or home.

If you need an inspection of your home for potential foundation problems, contact an experienced foundation services company today in the Little Rock, AR area.

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