Hormone Replacement Therapy For Weight Loss

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Health & Medical

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Should you take hormone replacement therapy for weight loss? There is a lot of evidence that HRT is an exceptional tool for many people in terms of what it can offer. You should never feel limited in taking it when you need hormone replacement therapy – your doctor may be able to help you through some of the worst menopause symptoms using it. But, what about weight loss? Will it help you lose weight, too?

Does Hormone Replacement Therapy for Weight Loss Work?

First, consider what it is. HRT is a type of treatment that works to give your body’s natural hormone level a boost. Generally, it is a form of estrogen, but it may also include progesterone in it. It works to help you to feel normal and be able to function like you want to even as your hormone levels in your body are changing from day to day. Menopause is a process of change that takes time, but HRT works to ease that process.

Hormones are directly responsible for the way your body operates, including in the way that it stimulates digestion. It is possible that balancing your hormones can help encourage your body’s natural ability to lose weight. That is, some people find that some women actually benefit by losing weight including unwanted belly fat when they begin using HRT. This is often the belly fat or extra weight that is put on just after menopause occurs.

Every woman’s body is unique and will respond in different ways. While hormone replacement therapy for weight loss may not be the only reason to take HRT, it may be a benefit of doing so. Work closely with your doctor to ensure you know what to expect in your own situation when it comes to balancing your body’s hormones.

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