Home Insulations Can Keep A House Temperature Comfortable All Year Long

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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A comfortable home temperature requires the use of Home Insulations. Depending on whether the home is new or old will determine what type of insulation to use. Basement insulation requires a much different strategy than an attic or wall space. Insulation helps to keep the house at a steady temperature for the comfort of the occupants. The best type of insulation on the market currently is spray insulation. This type of insulation can fill every opening where air could enter from the outside. In addition, it helps to seal the cold or warm air within the house.

Older homes usually require a different technique. Some older homes may have a small amount of insulation in the wall or no insulation at all. If the plasterboard is not going to be removed to install the insulation, spray insulation of fiberglass or paper varieties may be used. If the attic has minimal insulation, rolls of insulation can be tucked between the boards in the attic. If the attic has some insulation, but the home is still too cold or too hot, blown-in insulation would be an option to consider to make the home more comfortable. In addition to the home temperature remaining more comfortable, Home Insulations can dramatically reduce energy costs.

Insulation should be installed by an experienced insulation company. There are proper techniques to be used, and ventilation from the attic area must be adequate for air flow. For example, the gable of a home has vents that enter the attic area, these vents should never be covered by insulation. Proper air flow in the attic will permit the release of unwanted moisture and keep the roof cooler. Basement areas of a home require a vapor barrier to be put in place to keep moisture from entering the block or concrete foundation. Crawl spaces require plastic coverings to protect the area from moisture damaging the insulation. Proper air flow is also required.

In order to decrease energy costs and increase comfort, contacting an experienced insulation company will start a homeowner on that journey. Now is a great time to consider insulation your home before the summer heat arrives.

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