Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2020

Nothing can be more detrimental to your career than wrongful termination. If you are dealing with an employment related legal issue it is wise to seek a wrongful termination attorney in Santa Monica, CA. This type of attorney offers legal counsel for people facing discrimination, harassment or another type of illegal action in the workplace. It is not uncommon for unlawful practices to occur in your place of employment. In fact, people tend to deal with this type of misconduct on a daily basis, and often times end up losing their job. This is why employment law is integral and meant to offer protection to employees that are caught up in the unfair behavior of their workplace, including discrimination and wrongful termination.

There Are Laws in Place for Your Protection

The state of California has laws in place that are meant to protect employees from mistreatment by their employers that could lead to wrongful termination. Those laws protect employees when it comes to insurance and the regulation of standard benefits. It is important to hire legal counsel that understands those laws and can provide you with legal services that protect you if you have experienced unfair behavior from your employer. The sooner you call, the sooner your case can be resolved. Make sure your rights are defended with the services of an expert attorney.

What Exactly Is Wrongful Termination?

When you are fired for reasons that do not directly apply to your work actions, you have experienced wrongful termination. This can include being fired due to your sex, race, medical condition, or because you are pregnant. It can also happen if you have reported illegal activity against your employer and they have retaliated by firing you from your current position with them. If this is the case you may be eligible for compensation for wrongful termination in Santa Monica, CA, and you can recover benefits and lost wages.

People who have suffered from wrongful termination in Santa Monica, CA, deserve to have legal counsel that can protect their rights. You need to take action against your employer with the assistance of an attorney who has your best interests at heart. It is not a good idea to wait too long before you seek the help of an attorney. The sooner they learn about your case, the sooner they can begin working for you. Schedule a consultation with Employee Law Group to get started protecting your legal rights at work.

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