Here’s Why the Best Time to Plan a Funeral is Long Before You Need One

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Cremation Service

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You may not give much thought to your own funeral or that of your spouse or other loved ones, but should you? Many people find themselves overwhelmed when it comes time to plan a funeral. Often, grief and financial strain already burden them, making the process more difficult than it otherwise would be.

Many funeral homes near Lafayette offer pre-planning for funerals and burials. Here are just a few reasons why the best time to plan for your funeral might be while you are still alive and well:

Ensuring the wishes of the decedent are followed

One of the most important factors for grieving families is to ensure that their loved ones’ wishes are followed once they pass away. This can be addressed through a will when it comes to financial matters and leaving property and assets to loved ones, but what about planning a memorial service?

By planning a funeral well in advance, the family can consult with their loved one to find out what they would be happiest with. A person can even plan their own funeral or burial entirely, mapping everything out for their loved ones and taking the burden off their shoulders.

Relief of Burdens for Those Left Behind

Speaking of relieving burdens, nothing does this better in the days and weeks after a person dies than a pre-planned funeral and burial. By ensuring that the final expenses are covered and the instructions for memorial and burial are laid out in advance, the grieving family’s emotional and financial burdens are relieved. For those dealing with loss and the difficult times that follow, this relief can be lifesaving.

Getting the Best Possible Service from Local Professionals

Everyone wants their loved ones to have the best possible funeral and burial, but not everyone knows who to talk to or where to look. When planning a funeral well in advance, the person and their family can ensure that the best professionals are involved in every step. From a preferred funeral home to a favorite clergy member to deliver the prayer, there are so many ways that a person’s final wishes can be honored through the best choice of local pros by planning their memorial before the time comes. To learn more contact Queen of Heaven Cemetery & Funeral Center today.

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