Helicopter Tours Over New York for Your Family Reunion

Posted by Phineas Gray on October, 2014

Your family is coming home to the Big Apple for a reunion and you are looking for the best way to show them their beloved city again. Since you may be dealing with a tight schedule or providing a unique view for NYC natives, why not include helicopter tours over New York in your plan? When your family comes to visit, they’ll be expecting the same old sights that they grew up with and the same views that they’ve experienced hundreds of times. Show them the city from above and help them fall in love with it all over again.

Surprise Your Family
During the rush of everyone getting to their designated accommodations and talking about who got married and who’s expecting or who got promoted and who graduated college, surprise your family with helicopter tours over New York. Even the most packed itinerary can have room for a tour from the sky and be able to see their favorite sights all at once.
* Discover unique views of the bridges and rivers of New York from above and show your family the best parts of every one of the places they’ve known for years.
* Give them the opportunity to look the Statue of Liberty in the eyes or see the observation deck of the Empire State Building from the sky. See the lights of the city all at once and a view of the skyline that they’ll never forget.
* If there are a few people coming in from the airport, give them a thrill with a helicopter airport transfer. They’ll get to take the ultimate scenic route while bypassing NYC traffic no matter what time of the day or night they arrive. They’ll get to have the VIP treatment on their way to be reunited with the rest of the family, making the beginning of their trip extraordinary.
* A chartered flight can also bring a great surprise to your family reunion. Arrive in style on a helicopter and make them all wonder what you did to be able to make such a grand entrance. Give some special family members a treat by arranging a chartered flight for them to depart from the venue.
No matter the option you choose, there is flexibility for any schedule or budget. Tours, airport transfers, and chartered flights are only a phone call away and very easy to book.

Convenient and Excellent Customer Service
Putting together a family reunion is tough work. There are accommodations to arrange, flights to confirm, and food to cook, among other items on your long to do list. You can easily cross “book helicopter tours over New York” off of your list with the unparalleled customer service offered by New York Helicopter. The experienced pilots with excellent safety records will make sure that your family members get a view that makes them fall in love with the city all over again.