Have an Incredible Vacation with Dinner and a Show with a Hula Dancer in Hawaii

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Computers

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There are many great forms of human expression, from painting, poetry, and prose to the song, sculpture, and so much more. However, few means of expressions get the blood pumping literally and figuratively quite like dancing. Every region has its own grand dance traditions, and Hawaii is the proud home of one of the most famous, beloved, and exotic of them all—the world-famous hula dance. There are few things more closely associated with Hawaii than hula dances, and once they get off their plane or cruise ship and head inland on that Hawaiian vacation they’ve dreamed about for years, there are few things tourists are more eager to see.

Make the most of your Hawaiian vacation by taking in a fantastic dance done by an authentic hula dancer in Hawaii today.

What Is a Hula?

Hulas are dances native to the Polynesian and Hawaiian islands which are generally accompanied with specific chants and musical forms of accompaniment.

There are many different types of hula, owing to the diversity of dance styles in Polynesia. That said, hula can be broken down into two basic categories—those derived before Western arrival and influence (“kahiko”) and those which were derived post-contact (“ʻauana”). There are many different styles in each category, and knowing which style is which can help you see the type of hula you most want to witness performed by a hula dancer trained in that specific form.

Dinner and a Show

Hulas can, naturally, be festive in nature, making them perfect for luaus and other festivities. Choose from a wide variety of succulent Hawaiian dishes and enjoy one of the island’s most cherished art forms performed by some of its most skilled practitioners.

Contact us today for dinner and a show with a hula performed by a hula dancer trained in the many different forms of this diverse and wonderful dance tradition.

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