Has Your Home Been Damaged By Termites?

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Termites are extremely destructive; one small colony can consume one foot of a common 2×4 in less than five months, and without you knowing it. A homeowner’s biggest fear is discovering that termites have aggressively attacked his or her home. Even a small colony can have a population of 60 or 70 thousand of these aggressive insects, and the damage they do can run into the thousands of dollars. The solution is to protect your home before termites start a colony, and the way to do that is to engage the services of a pest control company.

Homeowners have the right to expect that pest control companies will eliminate the problem or prevent one from starting. Homeowners also expect these companies to stand behind their claims and services. If they do not, and the termite problem is not eliminated, they have every right to hire a termite damage claims attorney in Mobile, AL and sue for compensation.

What the attorney will do:

Once it has been discovered that there is extensive damage from termites, as a homeowner, you will have enough to worry about. Turn any legal matters over to a seasoned attorney; he or she can help with your claim while you focus on restoring your home. A termite damage claims attorney in Mobile, AL will be able to:

  • Review your insurance policy to determine cover: Insurance policies tend to include a great deal of “boilerplate;” they are not reader-friendly, especially to non-attorneys. Your attorney can determine what coverage you have and advise what you are entitled to in the way of compensation.
  • Advice about problem areas: Insurance companies do not like paying claims, they have many reasons not to pay. Knowing in advance what your insurance company might do in an attempt to deny your claim helps to prevent an unpleasant surprise.

Should your claim become denied, or the offer of compensation is far less than it should be, your attorney will know how to appeal and what additional documentation and evidence must be provided. If you have maintained your pest control program, you have every right to expect compensation.

If your home has suffered damage from termites and neither your insurance company nor pest control company will honor your claim for compensation, hire a termite damage claims attorney in Mobile, AL. To discuss the details of your claim, contact The Seawell Firm, LLC.

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