Guidelines For Oklahoma In Adoption For Birth Mothers

by | May 3, 2016 | Adoption

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In Oklahoma, the laws define strict guidelines for adoption. These laws allow the birth mother to retain certain rights to their unborn child. These rights allow them to make choices about what parties may adopt them. Through Oklahoma in adoption, birth mothers can work with adoption agencies to find the best parents for their unborn child.

The Birth Mother’s Role in the Adoption

The birth mother has the right to examine applications and the findings of the home study. Once they identify parents who they feel could be the right choice for their child, the agency arranges an interview. The interview allows the birth mother to meet prospective parents and make distinctions about them. The birth mother retains the right to refuse adoption to any applicants at any time during the process.

How the Agency Screens Applicants

The Oklahoma Adoption agency conducts a strict assessment of all applicants who wish to adopt. The screening process allows them to request a criminal background check to eliminate any candidates that pose a threat to the child. They also evaluate the financial records provided by the prospective parents. The state requires all applicants to provide evidence that shows that they can provide adequate financial support for the child.

The agency must conduct a home study to acquire answers about the applicants. They evaluate the space in which these parents live. They also evaluate all parties who live inside the home of the prospective parents. The living space cannot present any risks to the child and provide the correct environment for the child.

Meeting with the Birth Mother

The agency arranges a meeting with the birth mother. During the meeting, the prospective parents may ask the birth mother any questions they prefer. The birth mother must provide full disclosure about the child. This includes any possible medical conditions that are known at this stage of their pregnancy.

Oklahoma birth mothers have the right to play an active role in the adoption of their unborn child. They work with an adoption agency to identify applicants that are the right fit for their child. This includes assessments available through the screening and interview process. Mothers who are interested in Oklahoma in Adoption should contact an agency today.

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