Guidelines For Air Conditioning Installation In Upper Marlboro MD.

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2023

When a homeowner buys a new AC system, they may believe that its efficiency rating is more important than anything else in determining the cost of operation. While that is a vital factor, installation quality is also important. According to statistics from Energy Star, improper installation can decrease efficiency by 30% or more, and it’s thought that up to half of all installations are done incorrectly. That means a lot of money and energy is wasted, but the waste is mostly avoidable by selecting the right contractor for an Air Conditioning Installation in Upper Marlboro MD.

Guidelines for Installation

Four factors determine a cooling system’s performance. The system must be the right size for the home, it must have enough airflow, it needs enough refrigerant, and the ductwork must be completely sealed. Energy Star’s report specifies these energy loss sources:

* 4% is lost because refrigerant levels are too high or too low

* 3% is lost because airflow is inadequate

* 5% is lost because the unit is incorrectly sized

* 15% is lost through leaking ductwork

However, contractors can ensure proper performance from an AC by addressing the following areas during an installation.


Proper sizing entails calculating a home’s cooling load, using calculations devised by the ACCA. Once the load is determined, the contractor can select the right size AC to meet the home’s cooling demands. Poor sizing results in efficiency and comfort problems; for instance, a too-large AC will cycle rapidly, preventing full dehumidification and shortening the unit’s lifespan.


If a home’s ductwork is leaky, the cooled air won’t reach every room, resulting in energy waste. The contractor will seal the ducts with metal tape or sealant during Air Conditioning Installation in Upper Marlboro MD, to ensure that it is airtight.


The AC manufacturer specifies airflow rates, which the contractor follows to adjust the rate at which air moves through. If the airflow is too low, the home won’t be cooled.


Contractors refer to manufacturer specifications to determine the amount of refrigerant needed to ensure heat transfer in the condenser and evaporator. Improper refrigerant levels result in inadequate cooling and higher energy bills.

Installing a new AC system can be expensive, but the family’s comfort is worth the cost. By trusting an AC professional from Pentagon Heating & Air Conditioning to do the Air Conditioning Installation in Upper Marlboro MD, homeowners can ensure that their new unit is installed according to industry and manufacturer standards.