Getting Your Small Business Into Social Media

Posted by Phineas Gray on November, 2014

At this point, most small business owners realize that they can’t afford to ignore social media as a marketing tool. Social media advertising for a small business owner, is one of the most cost effective methods of spreading the word about their business that is available. That is, of course, because it is mostly free! All you need to do is invest a little bit of time in keeping up with your social media accounts, and you can see your business become more recognizable. Social media is officially not just a fad now. Having social media accounts has become part of everyday life for the vast majority of people.


A common mistake among small business owners when making use of social media sites is they remember to share content, but they forget to engage their followers with follow-up conversations when they receive replies. The key component of social media advertising is being social. Make sure you interact with your followers. Answer any questions or concerns that are posted. Also, make sure you engage your followers in two-way conversations when the opportunity arises. People are a lot less likely to be receptive to one-way advertisements on social media.

If you receive any negative complaints to your social media pages, you should respond to these quickly. Show that it is important to you that customers are satisfied with your products or service. If you ignore complaints, your reputation can be affected negatively. Make an effort to resolve any issues the customer has, and turn them into a happy customer.

Special Offers

One of the main reasons people will follow a business on social media is to get access to followers-only special deals. Give your customers an incentive to follow you, like perhaps a coupon or a small gift certificate. You can go even further by offering incentives for your followers to share your posts with their friends, or to share your page as well. This will expand your visibility on social networking to everyone in the person’s friends list. Another great way to boost your visibility that is relatively new, is to have customers “check in” to your business. When they do this, all of their friends can see that they are at your business right now. Offering incentives for your followers when they do little things like these is an excellent way to get attention for your business on social media.

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