Get Proper Care After a Personal Injury Accident in OKC

Posted by alex on June, 2014

After you are in a car accident, the terrifying reality of the costs of recovery begin to set in. You know that you’re in pain, but don’t know the extent of your injuries or how long it will take to recover. Even worse, if you are uninsured, you may not even know if you will be able to receive medical attention. However, car accident victims are often covered by third party insurance payers, such as the responsible party’s auto insurance company. Doctors weren’t providing care to theses patients because it became frustrating and time consuming trying to deal with these insurance companies. Victims had no choice but to visit the emergency department, where they were hit with costly medical bills and received immediate treatment, but lacked follow-up care.

When you have become the victim of a personal Injury Accident in OKC the Accident Care and Treatment Center is there to help. You won’t ever worry about out-of-pocket costs because they specialize in dealing with the third party payers that many doctors’ offices avoid. On site diagnostic imaging such as CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs are available at no cost to you. Splints, medications, and follow-up care are all covered to help you return to your optimal health. The responsible party’s insurance company will be billed for all services you receive. The Center will handle any litigation with the insurance company so you can focus on what matters; getting better. They provide a warm and welcoming environment and utilize conservative therapies including massage and physiotherapy to allow you to gently return to health.

The Accident Care and Treatment Center has been dealing with Personal Injury Accident in OKC since 1995. They staff an MD, 2 physician assistants, a nurse practitioner, and a team of technicians to help you with any needs you may have after your injury. Any type of accident can be so traumatizing both physically and emotionally. At the Accident Care and Treatment Center, the stress of paperwork and costs are removed and handled by experienced professionals that you can trust. If your case goes to trial, the physician will testify on your behalf. When you are involved in an accident, you can conveniently schedule an appointment at the Accident Care and Treatment Center online. You only get one body, make sure it’s taken care of right.

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