Get Back to Enjoying Your Fireplace with Chimney Rebuilding in Frederick MD

Posted by alex on June, 2014

There are few things as pleasurable as enjoying a warm fire on a cold winter night. Over the years, this pleasure can be diminished if the chimney for the fireplace isn’t maintained regularly. The chimney can become less efficient, leaving you with less warmth from the fire.
Chimneys also need to be cleaned to remove the buildup of soot, which forms creosote. Creosote is flammable, creating the possibility of a chimney fire. When you have your chimney cleaned, the professionals that work for Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps can inspect your chimney at the same time. They will look for any leaks or blockages created by small animals or nests. They can even reline the chimney if needed, to provide many more years of pleasure. They can check for any areas around the chimney that need to have the waterproofing redone. If the rain cap is missing or damaged, they can also replace that as well. The chimney sweeps will check for any cracks or damage in the masonry joints and any other defective areas.

There are times when these simple repairs aren’t enough. Chimneys can become damaged from storms, lack of maintenance of the masonry or the ground settling over the years. This is when Chimney Rebuilding in Frederick MD is needed. They can do everything from making minor repairs to replacing and rebuilding the entire chimney. They have been providing this high level of service to homeowners for more than thirty years.

These experienced professionals can do repairs or Chimney Rebuilding in Frederick MD that includes replacing brickwork, crowns, stonework or repointing. They can create an entire new chimney if needed, to bring the fireplace back to life and usable again. They are so confident of the quality of workmanship they offer that they offer a ten year guarantee that begin the day they finish the job. If any part of the work they did fails or needs repair, they will redo it at no cost. It takes a great deal of confidence and many happy customers to offer a guarantee like that. It says a lot about the quality of work this company provides.

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