General Dentists in Canyon Texas Treat Patients Dealing With Oral Psoriasis

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on February, 2019

When patients develop sores in the mouth that are not the usual canker sores so many people experience, General Dentists in Canyon Texas may remove some of the tissue to send in for a biopsy or other pathology testing. The test determines whether the tissue is related to a disease or whether it’s nothing to be concerned about. Some patients are shocked to learn they have a condition known as oral psoriasis, especially if they have never had psoriasis on the skin.

Symptoms of Oral Psoriasis

Oral psoriasis patches typically occur on the inside of the cheeks, but they can develop on gum tissue, the tongue and on top of the mouth also. The person may notice redder patches with white or yellowish edges, or unexplained off-white lesions. There may be sores or even blisters that are uncomfortable. Spicy foods may be painful to eat now, whereas before this never was a problem.

Preventive Measures

General Dentists in Canyon Texas can help patients minimize or even eliminate their symptoms. A main concern will be whether the patient smokes or chews tobacco. That must stop quickly if the condition is ever to be controlled effectively. These individuals should limit their alcohol intake as well. If they decide to indulge, using a straw to prevent the irritating liquid from touching the soft tissues as much as possible is advisable.

Potential Complications

Psoriasis is considered an autoimmune disorder, and as such, it is sometimes associated with other oral health problems. Patients are more at risk of chronic dry mouth, known medically as xerostomia. Unexplained episodes of pain that feels like a burning sensation can occur. In addition, these individuals are at increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease, especially if they develop xerostomia. Saliva has protective effects.

Ongoing Treatment

A dentist with a clinic such as Panhandle Dental can help the patient manage these problems. For instance, prescription saliva substitutes can be very effective. Six-month exams are essential for these individuals; in case cavities develop, the areas of tooth decay can be treated promptly. Browse the website to learn more about this particular dental clinic.