Four Tips for Purchasing Tires at a Tire Center

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2021

If you need new tires because the treads on your current ones have worn down, you should know the basics about buying them. There are codes on tires to indicate their size, which you can reference when buying new ones. Here are some other tips about purchasing car tires in Ashland VA.

Check Wear Patterns

Before going to the nearest tire center to purchase a set of new tires, inspect the ones on your car. Take note of how they are wore down because the patterns can tell you whether your car needs repairs or not. Wear and tear patterns can indicate if your car needs alignment or if the shocks are bad.

Inspect Wheels

While inspecting the tires in Ashland VA, take a good look at the wheels as well. Check for dents or cracks as this could cause air leaks and affect the integrity of the wheel. You should consider buying a new set of wheels when buying new tires, but make sure they are as close to the same size as the manufacturer’s original set as possible.

Drive with Caution

After having new tires put on your car at the tire center, don’t be too hard on your vehicle. New tires are covered by a chemical that helps release them from equipment when being manufactured. This often leaves a residue on the tires which could make them slick, especially on wet streets. The residue will wear off after 500 miles or so.

Buy in Person

To save money on tires, some people buy tires online, and should be bought from a tire center like the one at Ashland Garage. Their experts can help you buy the right ones, and will then mount, balance, and align on your car. If you need new tires, contact them at 804-798-4000 or go to . You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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