Four Alternative Vet Services in Roswell

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2018

General checkups are the most common reason for taking a pet to the vet. Many animal owners bring in their furry friends for a yearly checkup so the doctor can determine if the pet is healthy or in need of some extra love and care. Vet Services in Roswell do not only include these general options. Four alternative services are available to cats, dogs, and other critters at a proper animal hospital in the area.

Pet Boarding

Whether short or long term boarding is needed, animal hospitals offer pet boarding for a variety of animals. They can stay at the clinic for however long the pet parent will be away, providing a safe place for them to sleep, eat, and play while it’s required. The clinic will discuss requirements before the pet attends. While many locations only offer space for dogs and cats, a prepared clinic has the space for birds, reptiles, and rodents as well.

Lab Testing

Just as humans sometimes require lab work, so do pets. Not all animals remain healthy at all times. Some testing may have to get done to determine a more serious issue in the works. With lab services available right at the animal hospital, any pets who come in for a checkup can get their lab work done quickly when something gets found.


Pets don’t have to go to a separate dentist like people do. Instead, they can receive dentistry services at the same place they get seen for other medical care. Teeth cleaning and advanced care options are available.


Surgery may become necessary at some point in a pet’s life. If this is the case, the surgical procedure can get completed right at the animal hospital the pet typically goes to for care. The place is equipped with everything needed to complete the procedure with care and precision.

Vet Services in Roswell involve far more than simple checkups for cats and dogs. Contact to see about getting a cat, dog, ferret, rabbit, bird, or reptile in for any service that is needed. They offer a full range of care options for all pets, furry or otherwise.

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