Foods that Your Family Dentist in Redding May Suggest You Steer Clear From

Posted by Alex on June, 2015

There are foods and drinks whose properties are beneficial for oral health, and then there are others which are disadvantageous. However, do not forget to maintain good dental hygiene and incorporate favorable eating habits. Even though you are implementing a good diet, you cannot substitute anything for oral hygiene. Remember that proper daily hygiene techniques are the only way to ensure a healthy mouth. Here are foods that are considered beneficial to your oral health, as highlighted by your local Family Dentist in Redding.

1. Strawberries: This fruit includes malic acid which is a natural tooth whitener.

2. Apples, carrots, celery: These foods promote good chewing and helps keep teeth cleaner.

3. Sugarless gum: Chewing causes the increased production of saliva improving oral cleaning and neutralizing stomach acid. This is not recommended for bruxism patients or those with jaw joint problems.

4. Green Tea: Contains sugar that is rich in antioxidants or fluorine.

5. Dairy: Its high calcium content helps strengthen the enamel.

6. Black chocolate: This contains theobromine which strengthens the enamel.

And the following are some of the harmful foods that stand in the way of good dental health:

1. Candy: Sugary foods and treats favor the formation of cavities.

2. Coffee and tea can be taken in moderation. It produces dry mouth, and its continued use causes teeth to darken.

3. Abuse of citrusy foods can erode and weaken the enamel. The same applies to foods with high content of the vinegar.

4. Sticky foods must be avoided because they stick to the teeth and damage the enamel.

5. Chewing ice. In addition to damaging the tooth enamel due to its hardness, the cold can also cause teeth sensitivity. Sodas damage the enamel due to its high concentration of phosphates and fluorides.

The knowledge of food favorable and harmful for dental health does not exempt people from visiting their local Family Dentist in Redding regularly. Besides dental cleanings, reviews, and dental treatments, your dentists should complement the visit with dental education so they can promote better dental health for themselves. Keep in mind that the above foods and drinks are just a sample of the total amount of foods and drinks that should be considered. Visit the site or contact your dentist to learn more.

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