Foods and Beverages That Can Cause Dental Problems in Port Orange

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2020

Many foods and drinks can harm your teeth. Some products can damage a tooth immediately, and others will break down tooth enamel slowly over time. If you avoid certain foods and beverages, you’ll less likely need to schedule an appointment for emergency dental care in Port Orange.

Hard Candy

Hard candy can instantly chip a child’s tooth. The enamel will break fairly easily if a child creates a lot of pressure while biting an extremely hard piece of candy.

Also, hard candy contains a lot of sugar. Sugar can cause cavities, and a painful cavity will require emergency dental care.


Ice can damage enamel like a piece of hard candy. Typically, the damage doesn’t happen instantly because ice weakens as it melts. However, while ice is still solid, it can break down the enamel on a tooth.


When alcohol is consumed regularly, it removes saliva from the mouth. This is a problem because the lack of saliva causes tooth decay.


Citrus is another substance that causes tooth decay. Any food or drink that has a citrus component is acidic.

All acidic products attack enamel in two phases. The acid will erode the enamel first. Then the enamel will begin to break down.

Energy Drinks and Sodas

Both of these beverages are packed with sugar. Very sugary drinks attract bacteria that can damage enamel.

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