Focus on the Underrated Addendums in Our Dishes

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2017

A lot of elements go into making a dish a well balanced gastronomical heaven. Adages like herbs and spices in the right equation, along with the hero ingredients, are what make a dish tick all the right boxes. Every culinary creation will be bland without generous helpings of spices and herbs to season it. But, there definitely lies more to these herbs and spices irrespective of the deceiving first impression. Herbs and spices possess a large list of quirks conducive to good health other than the commonplace use of adding taste and aroma to the food you eat. Addition of herbs and spices to the food also helps preserve it for a longer period of time than food sans herbs and spices. Herbs & Spices for health possess antiviral and antibacterial properties as well as trace minerals, vitamin B and disease fighting antioxidants hence hurtling them into the essential super food section.

All the spices and herbs have an organic origin since they come from plants or rather parts of plants like fruits, seeds, barks, roots, flowers and leaves. Some of the incredible health benefits of herbs and spices are enlisted below:

  • Fenugreek yellow improves blood sugar control, curbs appetite hence aiding weight loss and enhances the cardiovascular system.

  • Fenugreek green has path breaking therapeutic uses like prevention of cancer and curing constipation.

  • Fennel seeds remedy menstrual disorders and strengthen immune system.

  • Cumin seeds cure asthmatic disorders and also prevent earl aging. Bishop weed aids in relieving migraine pain.

  • Sesame seeds which are a great source of vitamin E also help in relieving stress.

  • Clove helps curb nausea and inflammatory disorders.

  • Flax seed lowers high cholesterol and helps augment skin and hair health.

  • Senna leaves is a remedy for loss of appetite and removal of kidney stones.

  • Black seeds help in receding chest congestion and toothache.

  • Sunflower seeds prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Herbs and spices, which we often neglect as secondary to the rest of the food elements, are equipped with top notch health benefits, which makes them a food imperative and not just mere seasoning! Visit site for more information on Herbs & Spices.

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